Clown Shoes

from by All the Way Rider



Pave the way, pave the way, pave the way my friend. Isn't it what you live for? Make a play, save the day, fantastically. More or less or....

Hurry up, man, but wait. I got a way to get you in...patient. Enjoy this night, taste the rockies. Rest easy and functional.

When we're all privatized and the world wants optimized, don't feign surprise, you decide. as you trip over and over and over and down.

Embrace arrangement. Settle in assignment. Dream of adventure. Drink to your yester year. Another success.

there’s only so much in this palace of wisdom, I lose it and wonder which one of you hid it. Advocate thinking and learning and braving, but
never drift into the way. You’re out there alone and I can’t take you with me. I panic and pretend that knife didn’t cut me. Understand thinking and learning and braving is never getting out of the way.

So go forth. Be Merry. Start living. Nevermind the clown


from Floyd, released December 18, 2014



all rights reserved


All the Way Rider Minneapolis, Minnesota

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