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Eric Bunde Off beat drumming and mild meandering bass lines lay the bedrock for the guitar and cynical lyricism. I could listen to this band all day. The instrumental track on this EP (The Snake) seems to wind in and out of time only to find itself back on the beat. It's an auditory illusion and a thrill to hear. Favorite track: I Always.
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One night last spring, we were taking a break from practicing, sipping beers outside City Sound NE in Minneapolis, MN when we ran into our pal, Ryan Mach. We decided we should record something together. We'd talked about it for years, and we happened to have 6 songs ready to go. One day in June, we mic'd up drums in our space and amps down the hall in his space and tracked basic tracks for 6 songs. One night in July, we mic'd up the guitars and recorded doubles and punches. One day in August, Jer recorded a bunch of vocals. Finally, one night in October, Jer recorded a bunch of backing vocals. In between all those days and nights, Ryan did some bad ass mixing.


released December 18, 2014

Guitar/Vocals: Jeremy Jessen
Drums: Rocky De Vries
Bass: Scott Walters

Organ on "The Snake": John McEwen

Recorded June-Oct 2014 at City Sound NE and the basement formerly known as LA Smooth.
Engineered and Mixed by Ryan Mach
Produced by All the Way Rider



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All the Way Rider Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: I Always
I might be in your rearview. I might be closer than that to you. I might be just a blade of grass. But I could land on your camel's back. It's no thing. It's no skin off me. I always. I might just call that criminal. But I'm likely hypercritical. You might be three sheets to the wind (and you can say what you want) But by all means do your thing again (and I will tell you there's holes). It's no thing. It's no skin off me. I always. I might be back on through this way (and you can hold your candle). And I sure as hell will have more to say (so you should find a handle). Yeah you might be three sheets to the wind (and with a readied response). Shallow and pedestrian so kick the can and go on.
Track Name: Clown Shoes
Pave the way, pave the way, pave the way my friend. Isn't it what you live for? Make a play, save the day, fantastically. More or less or....

Hurry up, man, but wait. I got a way to get you in...patient. Enjoy this night, taste the rockies. Rest easy and functional.

When we're all privatized and the world wants optimized, don't feign surprise, you decide. as you trip over and over and over and down.

Embrace arrangement. Settle in assignment. Dream of adventure. Drink to your yester year. Another success.

there’s only so much in this palace of wisdom, I lose it and wonder which one of you hid it. Advocate thinking and learning and braving, but
never drift into the way. You’re out there alone and I can’t take you with me. I panic and pretend that knife didn’t cut me. Understand thinking and learning and braving is never getting out of the way.

So go forth. Be Merry. Start living. Nevermind the clown
Track Name: Ringwraith
Hung up on control, and if I have somewhere to go, when it’s happening right now
just within the rules and outside the know, and I’m playing my way out
Hung up on a flag, with an empty bag, and excusing the wrong tune
Saddled with an us, and the mysteries plus a lacking of a clue

I hope that the answers that follow those questions
are excused with the slightest ounce of disbelief
We get so stuck on all our agreeing on measure
Blood is thicker and deeper and greater than weather

Rain or shine it’s mine

It’s deeper and clearer than ever I don’t want our truths in disguise.
There’s nowhere else. There’s nothing else. It’s all in your eyes.
Track Name: Barkevious Mingo
Foot through ice and its freezing fast
Boots get stuck here, a fool won’t leave
The soles have holes and its getting wet
Clothes get stuck here

I’ve got lines to cross.
There are things we’ve lost.
What do we do? What’ll it cost?
Where’s your answer? Where’s the plan?

Shoes with holes and feet getting wet
and never stuck here

There are lines to cross.
I’ve got things I’ve lost.
What do we do? What’ll it cost?
What about you? What’s your plan?

I’m walking on
along a yellow line
and it’s fading fast
I need a beacon
some paint
or a tax

I need a beacon
some sun
or your hand
Track Name: Yucatan Suckaman
Traveling light in space mostly borrowed. Staying true to trades you're taught and can do. Stumbling on an answer never asked for. Riding wave upon wave of dumb just for show. Are you ready? Are you set?
Biding his time trying to find the sense in responding to only what stands in his way. Archaic and retrofitted masked as your progress when there's only so much time to waste in the day.
Are you ready? Are you set? Are you on your mark? Did we place our bets?
Who could know? Who would know?
Waiting on land, some modest territory. In all of this time, who could know?
Scaling the wall, when it's best broken in through. In all of this time, who could know?
Are you ready?